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Strategic communication is a building block in the foundation of both internal processes and a driving force in marketing.

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Communication is a fundamental component of any organization’s marketing efforts. In marketing, communication refers to the messages a business uses to speak to prospective clients, and they come in many forms. However, without goals, these messages may well fall on deaf ears as they flounder without purpose.

Strategic communication, however, can focus your marketing efforts. By infusing your messages with purpose and value,  your employing a tactical approach to increase the effectivity of your efforts. In short, strategic communication means delivering the best possible message through the most appropriate channels consistently and to the right audience.

Using Strategic Communication

Having a unified message means that you can start delivering consistent marketing content across many different platforms. From paid advertising to direct marketing, online initiatives and social media, to sales and public relations; all these and more will benefit from combining strategic communications and marketing. This concept is the foundation of integrated marketing, and we’re so passionate about it that we’ve included it in our name!

Paid advertising involves the additional cost of paying platforms for premium space. However, poor communication and the lack of a consistent message means a wasted expense.

Through strategic communication, you can raise the effectivity of these campaigns, improve your targeting, and increase your ROI.

Any form of communication that’s directly presented to a viewer can be considered direct marketing. Whether you use email, newsletters, print, or text, there’s always a message being conveyed.

With strategic communication and integrated marketing, you can ensure that the message is always consistent with your goals and company brand.

Your social media marketing initiatives can greatly benefit from strategic communication. There are few places where it’s as important to have a consistent message, appearance, and brand.

No matter the type of content or the platform on which you advertise, communication is key.

When you present a message to the public, you can’t afford different individuals and departments to convey conflicting information. Employ strategic communication to present a unified front whenever public appearances, print, or press releases are required.

Sales and marketing are two sides of the same coin. What very few organizations realise is that these two departments can both benefit from having a unified message. Using strategic communication, you can convey a consistent idea across the business and to all your clients.

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