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If you want to engage with your clients, you need social media management.

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Did you know that the average person spends around two hours a day on social media? In fact, it’s one of the main reasons why people spend time online. If engaging with your target audience and building customer confidence matters to your business, you need to invest in social media management and marketing.

Not only does it provide you with a platform to advertise your business, but it also allows customers to understand your company culture and interact with your brand. You can build credibility, deliver customer service, and increase overall engagement. If you need to attract and retain clients, you need social media management.

Why Is Social

It's Effective

If consumers enjoy interacting with your brand on social media, it may significantly impact your business. 76% will buy from you over competition, 68% will recommend you, and 64% will remain loyal to you over competition. Those are very telling numbers!

Media Management

It's Interactive

Consumers prefer transparent and engaging brands. In fact, 78% want brands to interact with them. Today, customers want to buy from a company they can trust and communicate with. Are you that business?


It's Where Your Clients Are

If nothing else convinces you, this should. Potential consumers spend most of their time online. 90% of businesses use social media to advertise their products and services - if you're not, your competition is winning.

Which Platforms can benefit from Social Media Management?

While many business owners and CEO’s know they should be on social media, it’s often easier said than done. If you’re not familiar with the industry, it can be confusing and extremely time-consuming. Let us handle the social media marketing while you focus on managing your company. Remember, you don’t need to start your business on every platform. Instead, we’ll help you find the ones that work perfectly for you, and build your social media management strategy around that. It’s our goal to help you achieve online success.

Facebook is where almost every business starts their social media marketing journey. With over 2+ billion users, it’s very likely that your audience is already on the platform.

Unfortunately, many businesses still use this extremely powerful platform incorrectly. Facebook is far more than a place to advertise your company, services, or products.

Facebook is where you should be building your community. Host competitions, share photos, or behind-the-scenes product videos. On this platform, your audience will learn to trust you.

Instagram is young in many ways, being a relatively newer platform but also appealing to a predominantly younger audience. Most users are between 18 – 29, and this is where you can truly establish your business visually.

Use images, videos, and stories to engage with your audience and tell them about your brand. Whether your tone is trendy, professional, or minimalistic, you’ll find an audience to share it with on Instagram.

You have 280 characters available on Twitter, and you have to make every single one count. On this platform, messages have to be clear and concise. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it to great effect in social media marketing.

While many brands use Twitter as a support platform, that’s just one of many potential uses it has. In fact, some global brands have used it to show their humorous side, or to play out their legendary ‘feuds’.

If you want to give your brand a voice and reach a broad audience, Twitter is how you do it. 

LinkedIn is the platform of professionals. Most of its 500+ million users are executives and decision makers; the ideal market if those are the consumers you need to target. 97% Of B2B marketers use this platform, and with 59% of executives making buying decisions after seeing video marketing on this platform, it’s easy to see why.

On this platform, you need to show your expertise. Publishing tutorials, explainers, webinars, or even product previews are great ways to draw new customers. Whether you need to show your expertise or do B2B marketing, this is the platform you need to use.

Pinterest has a very large audience, most of whom are women. That alone means it’s ideal for any brand with a female target audience. However, as a visual platform that contains infographics to recipes and everything in between, you’ll likely find at least part of your audience here.

The biggest key to success on Pinterest is consistency. Boards require regular maintenance, and fresh pins are essential. However, with the right dedicated social media management agency, you can make Pinterest work for you.

Did you know that YouTube is the second-most popular search engine after Google? The platform has over 2+ billion users, and more than a billion hours of video is watched every day.

What many businesses aren’t aware of is that you can use YouTube to create reviews, tutorials and instructional videos, and product previews. It creates a new and exciting way people can find your content, increasing your reach.

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