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Your brand identity makes a statement. We want to help you create an impressive image that'll make your business stand out.

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A brand is more than a logo, fonts, or a few colours. It’s your business’ personality, it’s voice, story, and goals. Without a brand identity, you can’t market your products or services effectively. Deciding how to target an audience by creating an appealing brand can be a tricky process. That’s why you need a brand specialist to find your company’s online voice.

We want to understand what you do and how your industry works. Together, we’ll create a brand that communicates effectively with its target audience while still representing the identity of your business. Whether you’re professional or trendy, serious or humorous, colorful or monochrome, Vukawanele can help your business find its voice.

The First Pillar

The Heart

Who are you? What is the purpose of your business? Does it have a mission? A vision for the future? What are the company values, and is there a corporate culture? These elements are the heart of your business and your brand identity.

The Second Pillar

The Message

Once you know your business values, you can begin to explore your message and find the voice and personality of your brand identity. Add a tagline and value proposition, and you'll have a winning message that'll delight your audience.

The Third Pillar

The Identity

Only once you know your business and understand your audience and message that you can create an identity. With a logo, colours, and typography, you can start bringing your business' heart and message to the right market.

Creating a Brand Identity

You don’t need a brand to market your company. However, if you don’t understand your business and how to make it appealing to an audience, you’re floundering. With a brand identity, marketing initiatives can be focused, consistent, and effective, making each message appeal to your potential clients. At Vukawanele, we develop your brand by working on a few key areas under the three primary pillars.

Before starting the process, we need to know more about your business. Your vision, mission, values and corporate identity all play a role in the development of your brand identity. By understanding a business, we can learn how to approach the correct audience in the appropriate and effective manner.

Every business has a personality. Nike calls dedicated runners, encouraging them with “Just Do It.” What personality does your company have? If your brand was a person, how would it sound, look, and communicate?

At Vukawanele, we work with you to find the right voice and tone to speak to your audience and turn visitors into happy, loyal customers.

Knowing how to speak to your audience is one thing. Now, we’ll help you find the right words to say. Our team at Vukawanele will help you find your voice and create a message that will draw people to your products and services.

You have a purpose, a voice, and a message. Now, we find your look. Are you colourful or monochrome, edgy or humorous? At this stage we start creating the logo and palette that will bring your brand identity to life.

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