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If you want to make your business stand out online, you need digital marketing.

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Integrated digital marketing solutions is more than four words. At Vukawanele, it’s a passion that fuels our creativity. It’s a desire to stand out and to design effective marketing strategies and content that’s both stunning and functional. It’s this combination of experience and love that make our team of experts amazing.

It doesn’t matter how big or how small your project is – to us, you’re a VIP, and we’ve got the service to fill your digital marketing gap. Whether you need an end-to-end package, or a single service, we can help. Let’s build your brand and online presence together using content, advertising, social media, and website design. 

Our Digital Marketing Process

Before you can launch a marketing project, you need a plan. You need to understand your tone of voice and which goals you want to achieve. At Vukawanele, we work with our clients to develop and execute an effective marketing strategy. From the planning stages to publishing, engagement, and analyses, our process will take you through every essential step.

Set goals, budget, and the resources that might be required to go “digital”. Select online marketing channels make sense for your business as well as the education or training you might need to get up to speed with building your online presence.

Most importantly, creating a powerful online presence will require a consistent investment of time to build traction initially, and to continue that momentum on a daily basis.

Publishing is the foundation of a digital strategy. Share and distribute your insights through blogs to position yourself as the go-to expert in your industry.

Work to build a robust library of unique, personable, and high quality content that is accessible and relevant to your target market on your website and content management system. Over time, this will grow your visibility and credibility.

Activating your online presence through a consistent and systematic social media sharing strategy will help you grow your following and stay top of mind with your online community.

Ideally, a decent proportion of what you share online would come from content that you develop, but you can also build significant clout online by sharing content from other influencers and reputable websites or blogs.

Content without a community is pointless. Proactively focus on building your community online through search engines (web traffic), social media (networking), and your email database.

Your community that will ultimately enable you to cultivate trusted connections who can become advocates for your business, referral sources, promotional partners, and new clients.

Building your online community gives you credibility, access, and permission to engage with the members from within. It also allows you to gather intelligence about the individuals you are connected with.

As you grow your community via your online presence and activities, you begin interacting with consumers. This is where the real relationship-building happens.

Optimising your online presence is an ongoing activity and cannot be put on autopilot. The landscape changes rapidly and therefore, you will need to be consistently updating and optimising your online presence.

At times the goal is to build a system that will maximise your impact with the least amount of time required. In such cases, paid social ads would help to achieve this objective.

With digital tracking and marketing tools, you can gather data from your activities and analyse your strategy to determine what is working and what isn’t. It takes some time to gather that data, pick up on trends and make sense of the results.

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